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I'm Angie.  I still haven't settled on what to call healer? mentor? I've spent years as a therapist but this work is BEYOND therapy. That's why I had to take it online! I am pretty sure we will get along. I work really hard to help you feel heard and understood. I practice what I preach. I get my chakras cleared on a regular basis.  I drop the f bomb occasionally.  Most importantly, I have a superpower that I cannot WAIT to share with you.  You can have it too. It is based on the IFS model of psychotherapy by Dr. Richard Schwartz.  It changed my practice and my life, and I know it's going to change yours too! :)

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Partnering in Transformation

Wandering Traveler

Inner Healing Sessions

In these sessions we will create a safe space where all of your parts are welcome.  You will meet the parts of you that are "running the show", and will reconnect with those parts that are holding burdens from the past and are needing your love and attention.

(*In-person sessions are available in St.Paul, MN)

Virtual or In Person


The Connected Self 90 Day Program

Unleash Joy and Self Love

This is my signature program where all of the magic happens!   Imagine in only 90 days shifting from frequently judging or codemning finding self-compassion and kindness.  Imagine shifting from bondage to "shoulds" and living for connection with your true Self, setting boundaries, and living a bolder, more authentic life!

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After working with Angie I am so much kinder to myself. I can't remember the last time I ran an old tape of how I failed or dissappointed myself. My brain is so much quieter, the self-criticism and negative beliefs are gone...I am in awe of how strong I really am!

Maggie F.

Angie's calm, gentle way of asking probing questions allowed me to feel safe and really explore why I get so intensely anxious...allowing the fear that had been stored in my body to move out, replaced by feelings of love.  The entire process was magical and healing.

Alicia K

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475 Cleveland Ave No.  Suite 200

St. Paul, MN 55104


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